Our attorneys regular handle all types of criminal matters, from minor misdemeanors in District Court to major felony cases in Superior Court. We often travel out of town for such cases, usually to neighboring counties, but sometimes as far away as Charlotte for Federal Criminal Court.

We handle a significant amount of DWI’s , Driving While License Revoked , and Reckless Driving cases, as well as other criminal traffic matters. Our fees are very competitive, and are structured according to whether the disposition is by trial or plea. Since we can normally continue District Court cases at least two times (approx. 60 days), then most clients have more than adequate time to make proper financial arrangements with us. We normally require that all criminal fees be paid in full prior to trial. However, if you have adequate collateral, we can take security and arrange a schedule of payments extending after your final court date. We accept personal checks, as well as Visa and Mastercard which we can enter electronically.

If this is your first DWI in the past seven (7) years, we can usually keep you driving with a Limited Privilege. If it is your second or third DWI within 7 years, then you cannot get a Limited Privilege in North Carolina.

If you would like to speak with us about your case, be prepared to bring ALL your paperwork, including warrants, blood alcohol results, bond receipts, release orders, etc. If you have witnesses we will probably want to speak with them as well.

Normally, if you can pay all fines and costs on the day of court, the judge is more likely to give you “unsupervised” rather than “supervised” probation. Supervised probation requires a monthly supervision “fee”, and also means that someone will be checking up on you and maybe even testing you for drugs and alcohol at odd hours of the night. In order to avoid this, we will give you a good “ball park” figure for anticipated fines and costs which you can be ready to pay the day your case is heard.