We also perform a variety of services regarding land transactions and litigation. We draft simple and complex leases and lease-purchase agreements. We do deeds of all types (warranty, quitclaim, life estates, timber, deeds of trust, etc.), and we handle all aspects of title searches and loan closings for real property.

If you are in the process of buying a home or other property, we strongly suggest that you insist on a signed written “Contract for Sale” to protect both yourself and the seller. A realtor will typically take care of this aspect of any purchase. You are also welcome to come by our office and pick up a standard form contract for this purpose free of charge.

We also recommend a title search and title insurance for any property which you may be purchasing. The title search can be performed relatively quickly, and title insurance normally costs only about $2.00 per $1,000.00, so it is a very good bargain. Things which a title search will typically reveal include: deeds of trust, judgments, restrictive covenants, easements, assessments, and unpaid taxes.

In order to help your attorney expedite a loan closing for your home, etc., be sure that all parties are present who will need to sign the deed and other legal documents, i.e., don’t forget to bring your spouse. Also, call your bank well in advance and determine if they will require a new survey of the property and a termite or other form of inspection. If so, have these done before you set a closing date for the loan. Surveyors do not like to be called at the last minute, and they may not be able to meet your deadline. Also, call your bank and make sure that they have sent the closing “package” to the closing attorney. Don’t assume that the bank and realtor are taking care of all these details because they often don’t. Remember, the realtor is usually an agent for the seller, not the buyer.

Once you buy property, if you have a boundary dispute with an adjacent landowner, or desire to divide property between people who cannot agree how land will be split, then don’t worry. We regularly handle these issues as well. There are special proceedings which can be brought to force the division or sale of property and to set boundaries. There are even proceedings to establish “cartways” for landlocked properties with no legal access for ingress and egress.