We know that this may be a difficult time for you, but it is also a critical time in which to protect your legal interests. It is common for insurance companies to send adjusters immediately to the accident scene to take photographs and gather data. Adjusters often contact accident victims and ask for a recorded statement. It is likewise, just as important that you preserve proof of your injuries, pain, suffering and damages, as well as any evidence of the negligence of the person who caused the accident.

We commonly do most of the following things in any serious personal injury case, and whether you attempt to settle your claim personally, or intend to retain an attorney, you should consider doing some of them as well to preserve the evidence:

  • Make good color 35mm photographs of the inside and outside of the vehicle you were in from several angles.
  • Make similar photographs that illustrate your injuries, both inside and outside the hospital.
  • Obtain an accident report from the Highway Patrol.
  • Check the driving record of the driver at fault, and determine whether or not he/she was intoxicated.
  • Secure statements from all witnesses to the accident.
  • Save all your medical bills and records of payment.
  • Obtain copies of all medical reports, operative notes, etc.
  • Obtain a copy of your insurance policy and declarations page and obtain the policy of the negligent party.
  • Clip and save all newspaper articles regarding the accident.
  • Refrain from giving recorded statements without counsel.
  • Refrain from signing blanket releases or insurance checks.
  • Make sure that the negligent driver is prosecuted and convicted or pleads guilty to the offense(s) charged.

The above list is by no means comprehensive; however, we believe that by following these recommendations you can improve the position of your potential claim(s)

The vast majority of our cases are settled out of court. In fact, it is usually not even necessary for us to file a law suit in order to obtain insurance benefits for our clients. Our primary legal practice involves plaintiff’s personal injury cases like yours.

If you do not have an attorney at this time and would like to discuss your case, then please contact:
Brewer, Brewer & Sorel, PLLC, to review your claim during our regular office hours from 8:30 A.M. until 5:30 P.M., Monday through Friday at our Wilkesboro office, or you can call 667-1441 or 667-6101 in Wilkes County. OUR NATIONWIDE TOLL FREE NUMBER IS 1-800-705-0777. WE ALSO HAVE AN ANSWERING MACHINE THAT WE CHECK REGULARLY FOR AFTER-HOURS CALLS. WE DO NOT CHARGE A FEE JUST TO SPEAK WITH YOU, AND WE ARE NOT PAID UNLESS YOU RECOVER. OUR FEES ARE BASED ON A PERCENTAGE OF THE GROSS RECOVERY, SO T HERE IS NO FEE UNLESS THERE IS A RECOVERY FOR YOU. You would be responsible for any out-of-pocket costs such as medical reports, filing fees, etc., but these can be taken out of the ultimate recovery if you desire.